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Longmile Auto Haul began hauling new and used vehicles nationwide 15 years ago. We take every precaution to deliver them damage-free and on time.
Our professional drivers transport vehicles from-to auctions, rental car companies, dealerships and car manufactures.
Our fleet is soft tie newest equipment manufactured by leading tractor trailer manufacturers in the country. Read more...

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Open transport is the fastest way to ship your car. Over 95% of truckers operate an open trailer, meaning there are more options to pick up your car.
With open car transport, your car is covered with insurance from the moment it is loaded to the moment is unloaded at no extra charge to you.
You won’t need to give the assigned driver a vehicle title or registration as long as we aren’t delivering to a place that requires such documentation. Just be ready with the car and the keys, simple as that.


With expedited shipping, your car is a priority for pickup. This often requires the trucker to reshedule some of his other pick-ups, therefore we offer this service at a premium price.
You will receive regular updates via phone and email, but be sure to keep in touch with the carrier company and the designated trucker as well.
Ship one suitcase or box with personal belonging (under 100 lbs.) in the trunk at no additional charge. Keep in mind that due to safety standarts, the assigned trucker has the right to check the trunk for unlawful items.


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